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Subscribe to language documentation and description Footer menu. Sample Documentation and description of SamplE LANGUAGE grammar and text collection. In Julia Sallabank (ed.) PRESERVING ENDANGERED LANGUAGES CREATING A REPOSITORY OF RESOURCES FOR LINGUISTICS, THE SOCIAL SCIENCE, AND LANGUAGE COMMUNITIES. Documentation of endangered languages can provide critical linguistic resources to efforts to support endange red language (re)learning in community and institutional contexts. One is to explore the best practices for documenting and describing discourse-pragmatics. existing language description, with the documentation of one of the Tungusic languages, Evenki, serving as a case study. London: SOAS. ISMIL 24 PROGRAM; ISMIL 23. Project details:Individual Graduate Studentship. The edited working papers series Language Documentation and Description, published since 2003 by the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), contains articles on language documentation theory and practice, mostly arising from workshops organized by the project. Mediating language documentation. The other is … Negation in clause linkages Oliver Bond 1. Introduction The linguistic subfield of language documentation lends itself well to the study of language phenomena which … Gary Holton 2013. Duration: 2012-2014. ISMIL 25. London: SOAS. Language Documentation and Description ISSN 1740-6234 _____ This article appears in: Language Documentation and Description, vol 12: Special Issue on Language Documentation and Archiving. critically from language description. The MA programme in Language Documentation and Description is intended for students who wish to specialise in the documentation and description of languages, with a focus on minority and endangered languages. Methods in Language Documentation and Description: A Guide to the Kelabit Documentation Project @article{Hemmings2020MethodsIL, title={Methods in Language Documentation and Description: A Guide to the Kelabit Documentation Project}, author={Charlotte Hemmings}, journal={Journal of Modern Languages}, year={2020}, … Dept of Linguistics. Language Documentation and Description, Vol 12, 37-52. The purpose of the discussion is twofold. ISMIL 25 CALL FOR PAPERS; ISMIL 25 GETTING THERE; ISMIL 25 VISAS; ISMIL 25 VENUE/ACCOMMODATION; ISMIL 24. This deep engagement with primary research has led the work of Berkeley faculty and students in theoretical subdisciplines to be recognized for its strong empirical foundation. Mediating language documentation Gary Holton University of Alaska, Fairbanks 1. This includes systematic recording, transcription, translation and analysis of the £XX,XXX. In David Nathan and Peter K. Austin (eds.) Language documentation seeks to record the linguistic practices and traditions of a speech community, along with speakers’ metalinguistic knowledge of those practices and traditions. Fieldwork and Language Documentation The Berkeley Linguistics Department is strongly committed to the documentation, description, and analysis of understudied languages. Language Documentation and Description, Vol 9, 77-120. documentation and description. View Language Documentation and Description Research Papers on for free. Editors: David Nathan & Peter K. Austin Increasing the future usage of endangered language archives PAUL TRILSBEEK, ALEXANDER KÖNIG Language documentation and description; Dictionaries and online language sources; Teaching and learning; ISMIL. DOI: 10.22452/jml.vol30no1.1 Corpus ID: 225529389. linguistic typology, Amazonian languages, anthropological linguistics, language contact and areal typology, language documentation and description.

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