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The stock is extremely lightweight, rigid, and durable. Professionals seek precision and reliability, G.A. The lightest AR-15 rifles for sale in 2020. We guarantee our rifles to be 1/2 MOA out of the box. For the latter, I started with the Savage 11/111 Lightweight Hunter in 7mm-08, which is a fine rifle, perhaps an … r bros rifles, llc po box 12507 olympia, wa 98508 p: (360) 861-8195 The Rifle features a custom engineered full carbon fiber stock, built by a group of craftsmen who cut their teeth in the aerospace industry. So, as small tokens of appreciation, my friend Austin Metcalf built Helen a very special custom walking stick, and I built Stan a custom hunting rifle. Borden Rifles is a premiere custom bolt action receiver and firearms builder located in Springville, PA. Visit the post for more. . Shop now. McWhorter Custom Rifles Phone: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm EST: (229) 782-5445 ALL OTHER HOURS: (229) 881-3952 E-mail: Lightweight Premium. FEATURED FIREARMS. LONG RANGE TRAINING. RIFLES VIEW RIFLES. Much of the weight reduction in our full build rifles is achieved through our world class stocks. We strive to give you the shortest lead times possible on a quality Custom Build Rifle. Designed to be a light weight Long Range hunting rifle, these rifles are built on our custom actions and are offered with super light weight stock options. Hunting. Just ordered a .338 blank from Bartlein yesterday for a lightweight build. The .243 is obviously one of the most popular rifles for the purpose of hunting. Phone: 541-278-4177 Fax: 541-278-4797. It’s all-around solid thanks to the lightweight synthetic stock. Precision delivers that to operators in over 25 countries. We build benchrest, varmint, long range, tactical, and custom hunting rifles. Custom Carbon rifle – Lane Precision Rifles We also offer steel barrel builds and other rebarrel and smithing services. Boswell's Custom Rifles builds highly accurate rifles for hunting and competition. Keep Reading. Or Make It Stronger. Carbon Stock (AG Composites, Mcmillan, Allterra, etc) Fluted steel barrel 45 cal bullet to bore (Xcaliber) Remington 700 short action stainless single shot . Precision is to build a rifle fit for you in the best possible time frame we can. Hunting Rifles Below is the lineup of G.A. And we're affordable. Our Lightweight model semi-auto rimfire is no lightweight except in terms of weight. These lightweight rifles produce sub-half-MOA accuracy, and both factory and custom load options are available. We specialize in long range hunting rifles built around our carbon barrels. The DEVIANT HUNTER Integral action. building the highest precision custom rifle actions in the world today QUALITY Our manufacturing process ensures that all of our actions are built to the highest standards with accuracy that allows for interchangeable parts. Give us a call and we can discuss your future needs in a rifle whether it be for an upcoming hunt, tactical competition, or just fun! MODERN SPORTING RIFLES VIEW RIFLES. Latest. Snow. We burned thousands of rounds testing the newest hunting rifles, precision rifles, and rimfires. My first lightweight rifle was a custom .260 Remington built on a Model 70 action by the guys at Hill Country Rifles. The OMR line of custom rifles has been meticulously designed and engineered by hunters, for hunters, using the very best components on the market today. Just like with all of our Fierce centerfire rifles the Rival comes with our flagship .50 MOA guarantee. Whether you are chasing sheep at 12,000 feet or competing in a long-range precision match Mesa Precision Arms has you covered. More Guns. Whether you are looking for a super light sheep rifle, a competitive rifle for Camp Perry or anything in between, BCR has expertise building it. No compromises are tolerated with our barrels or our rifles. ... That’s why Christensen Arms builds an exceptionally lightweight, accurate firearm with cutting-edge, aerospace technology that’s not a burden to carry all day – even if you don’t get to take a shot. The rifles you see below are examples of our work, but as a true custom shop, we build the rifle that will suit your needs best. Self time 3 port muzzle brake. Who Will Use This Most You choose the … Mag and other large, dangerous game catridges Light palma with fluting, 29" overall, 28" finish length for a 338 RUM. The M70 action is no flyweight, but Hill Country shaved weight by using good components like a McMillan synthetic stock with the new lightweight Hunter's Edge fill. Available in all short and long action calibers. June 10, 2019. R Bros custom long range lightweight hunting rifles are the best, period. The Bergara Premier Stalker Rifle is one of the all-around best hunting rifles on the market! Lightweight. 1/2 MOA GUARANTEE. … Our custom hunting rifles are lightweight, durable and well balanced. McWhorter Custom Rifles builds all custom rifles to benchrest standards. As expected, it’s built to take on all kinds of bumping, banging, and all other kinds of impact. The Yukoner The pinnacle of lightweight mountain rifles. Each rifle is unique and carefully built to the same high standard. I have had a few different lightweight rifles built and have owned Rem 7 AWR (300SAUM) and 700 AWRs and TIs, Nosler 48 and HS Precision in their respective lightest versions. Get a lightweight AR-15 that weighs just 3.65lb, Custom 5.56 rifles and space age materials here. ... Browse other 22 WMR Rifles; Lightweight, 22 WMR with Hogue Stock [VCL‑WMR‑H] $1,795 Add to … Rifles, Inc. Pleasanton, TX Custom Lightweight Rifles. By John B. Custom Firearms - superior quality, Pendleton Composite Stocks, cerakote, Pendleton, OR 97801. Browning One Browning Place Morgan UT 84050 800-333-3288 | 801-876-2711 © Browning. That’s the ultimate, but you might also want to consider this old-school, $2,900 Remington Defense M24 best Sniper rifle, the best on Euro Optic . Our main goal at G.A. We pride ourselves in making some of the lightest hunting rifles on the market today. Precision is to build a rifle fit for you in the best possible time frame we can. Custom Rifles Quality knows no boundaries! What's New: Lane Precision Rifles is excited to introduce the New Masterpiece from Defiance machine. All of our custom long range hunting and shooting rifles are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Figured it was time to build a light(ish) rifle for backpack hunting since all of my big caliber rifles are 13+lbs. We achieve this by holding stock on hand for a number of rifle ?models? Custom Muzzleloader Pricing: Light Hunter: $2850. Whether your game is hunting elk in the high country or shooting steel at over 1,000 yards, Snowy Mountain has a rifle for you. The Fierce Rival is designed-and-built to be the perfect long and short-range hunting rifle for every hunter. Bettin Custom Guns is a small family owned and operated business located near the small town of Lake View, IA. While it's true that I specialize in long range varmint rifles, I can also create for you a custom lightweight mountain rifle, custom tactical rifle, custom benchrest rifle or a smokeless powder muzzleloader capable of MOA accuracy out to and beyond 500 yards. Ounces equal pounds when you are carrying around a rifle in the field. INFORMATION 570-965-2505 | This one, in particular, is no exception. These rifles are fully customizable, with many hydrographic and Cerakote options. Hells Canyon Armory is a Manufacturer of carbon fiber rifle barrels and long range custom rifles. Our main goal at G.A. With a keen eye towards weight, performance, and looks, we don’t shave any corners to jeopardize the one shot you need to get the job done. Precision Custom Hunting Rifles. . Our two most popular calibers are the 7SAUM and the 6.5PRC IN-RUT Rifles was formed by some of the most serious hunters and gun enthusiasts in the industry. Breech plug with 25 firing modules. Like all Savage 110 rifles, the Lightweight Storm comes with the company’s user-adjustable bladed AccuTrigger, and since it has a synthetic stock and stainless steel metalwork, you can be confident in its durability when carrying it in severe weather conditions. We specialize in building extremely accurate, light weight hunting rifles utilizing the latest technologies and highest quality components available. Build your own in our Custom Shop. Welcome to Bettin Custom Guns. Every rifle we make is tuned and optimized for precision and performance. 1911 HAND GUNS VIEW HANDGUNS. Calibers: 375 H&H, 416 Rem. We give you the best custom rifle at a price that is affordable and … Hunting Can Ruin Your Marriage. The 18 Best New Hunting and Precision Rifles, Tested. It features a 16.375" lightweight THM barrel. Contact Us. which have been configured to fit the majority of build requests, from light hunting rifles, to heavy tactical long range platforms. Purpose Built Remington Defense Custom Rifles That’s the $7,925 Remington Defense XM2010 Concealable bolt action Sniper Rifles , which is rather nice for the armed forces. These are our top picks. remington model seven lightweight custom ks in 243 win Description: Remington Model 7 Lightweight Custom KS from the late 80's-early 90's features a 20 inch stainless barrel chambered in 243 Winchester caliber and the Aramid/Kevlar fiberglass synthetic stock offers high strength and low weight with a … RANGER 22. From the Eastern plains of Montana to the rugged coast of Alaska, OMR prides itself on building the most accurate, custom, lightweight hunting rifles on … My specialty is building Super Light Rifles (SLRs) for extreme mountain hunting. We only use the best components in the industry, such as Bartlein Barrels, McMillan Stocks, and Trigger Tech Trigger just to name a few.

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