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When weakened, Alatreon will fly high into the air and rain down ice crystals. The Dual Blades allowed me to be nimble enough to evade most of what Alatreon threw at me ðŸ˜. Derived from Master Rank Alatreon monster The table is fairly simple, however, Modifier column may puzzle you. Switch Axe is also one good elemental weapon in MHW Iceborne (Thanks to Zero Sum Element Discharge) so there will be several builds below featuring this Armor Set. Switching from ice to fire ammo is easy and not even needed razor/sharp charm. I also tested DB with 3-piece Alatreon armor and 2-piece Gold Rathian for divine blessing (defence boost 6, elemental defence Large from canteen) and I was pretty much unkillable. All rights The reason for this is that a weapon like Greatsword has slower hits, this means that it cannot hit so often with element damage. How is it? For ranged weapons most of the shots deal ranged damage, however, some ammo also allows for Sever type of damage. It's OK. Ahhh that sounds incredible!! Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Alatreon armour and weapons. After each Escaton Judgement the values reset. Credits: dtlor from NGA. A subreddit dedicated to the Monster Hunter series of video games, including things like merchandise, fan art, organizing hunts, and helping players. It’s rumoured to control all of the elements, but most, if not all, records of its existence have been burned. ... Iceborne just got a heaping helping of new weapons to grind thanks … The LBG is the only useful one. If Alatreon starts in Ice mode, the Aquashot is useless. Steven Strom November 20, 2019. Alatreon Quests: Dawn of the Death