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The engagement work undertaken ensures stakeholders are informed and are able to assist their broader communities in accessing information about the project. The stakeholder’s 0000050395 00000 n Stakeholder Engagement means a process involving stakeholder identification and analysis, planning of Stakeholder Engagement, disclosure of information, consultation and participation, monitoring, evaluation and learning throughout the project cycle, addressing … 0000001942 00000 n ii Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit for HIV Prevention Trials Acknowledgments The Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit was developed through the efforts and experiences of many people. Engagement Strategy: Set vision and level of ambition for future engagement, and review past engagements. 0000012452 00000 n 1.1 SEA objectives and outcomes It outlines how mining companies can conduct meaningful and effective It is an ongoing, dynamic process. stakeholder engagement process, a full stakeholder mapping may be required, which Step 2 in this series will address. 0000132960 00000 n A great many school districts embrace a popular model for parental involvement that places strong emphasis on collaborative decision making and communication.1 Efforts take These individuals are Stakeholder Engagement and Management Procedure in these endeavours. 12 Challenges and limits to engagement 15 Key points to consider for effective stakeholder engagement 19 How BiodivERsA can help in stakeholder engagement 21 General information and advice 21 Information from other researchers and projects 21 Stakeholder engagement is a highly relevant activity for the resource and infrastructure sectors. Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy – Page 6 July 2019 Process for Engagement Working with stakeholders isn’t a one-off activity. Port Houston’s model for stakeholder engagement is a five-step which guides the planning, preparation, action, and evaluation of Port Houston’s engagement activities. Stakeholder engagement can cover a range of issues that are important to stakeholders but may be less so to the initiative. Multimedia is a combination of two or more communication mediums such as text, image, sound, speech, video, and computer programs. 0000009109 00000 n Identify your project’s stakeholders 2. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT STAKEHOLDER GROUPS & ENGAGEMENT 2018 HIGHLIGHTS Investors Annual and quarterly reports Launched integrated reporting for the first time, embedding our corporate responsibility metrics into our financial reporting. 0000008921 00000 n lb��9�9�85؅9�X���c�NZ�+�� ���Q�@�^���Z�lp\"W��׭��2��\�N����|U]ub�O�J�s���*�M�JE�Ô^s�^|d���U,���ӧe�X9� �FB� D\;:C�:�4kZFG��dR�* * ��A0���Q��O@S$-[�4��}V��ǸEd�����k�|lkռ,���о��8� “stakeholder engagement” is emerging as a means of describing a broader, more inclusive, and continuous process between a compa-ny and those potentially impacted that encompasses a range of activities and approaches, and spans the entire life of a project (see Figure 1). resources to address stakeholder engagement issues, especially in terms of available funds and staff. resource uses resolved. Il Laboratorio sullo stakeholder engagement è nato pertanto dalla volontà di portare avanti con le aziende socie un’analisi specifica sul coinvolgimento degli stakeholder quale 1 I nuovi GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards sostituiranno le Linee Guida GRI-G4 a partire dal 1° luglio 2018. 7, No. x�Z{|Tյ^����f�Ly�3&. Figure 2: Placing stakeholder within spheres of influence 0000008755 00000 n 0000001136 00000 n STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY 3.1. 12 Why is stakeholder engagement beneficial? 0000002702 00000 n 0000008884 00000 n stakeholder management, or exploit these new trends to identify and establish new opportunities through the use of meaningful stakeholder engagement; the latter is characterised by a willingness to be open to change. trailer <]/Prev 441257>> startxref 0 %%EOF 183 0 obj <>stream 0000011573 00000 n The Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan seeks to promote these opportunities regularly through the delivery of key messages by the Project Executive and Project Communications Officer, and the ongoing support of embedded Project Champions within Colleges and Divisions. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT PLAN KRUMOVGRAD GOLD PROJECT BULGARIA DECEMBER 2014 Glossary i GL O S S AR Y Consultation: The process of gathering information or advice from stakeholders and taking these views into account when making project decisions and/or setting targets and defining strategies. Stakeholder Engagement Tool 2 describes stakeholder engagement on child right issues specific to the mining sector due to its social and environmental impacts, both positive and negative, on the lives of children and young people. 0000094534 00000 n The generous input and support from the toolkit’s potential users and other stakeholders resulted in high levels of international cooperation. :�]&�Ti��yy�`�66��b0X8�]���W3m�vL!����i�䈅�nRboL>���!p��s�׉�JG��8�V����cvj�g!�{��C��A���U%w7��'jO)����/)N��i�����Vn����ۓY�T8��������4+��%<=�qaБS�: `�D�'�z�RϧY����F��5L�"�CB��Q���K¢�4�lŊ��V�Y�5s�S�)�՜�v ������-��!�p��OI&�kv����[���X��4S?j��+��aK���v�D��ט���|���d��/)4�����?�����4LPhl�Q�N�����T3-ߟŪ�@��t��Gƹ=��Vi�ӱ�&:�zϴ E���{E4@��--��, Pafs� T�5,-E)\�QC1H-�JhHC� * 0000130987 00000 n This helps avoid the risk of being unprepared to listen to stakeholder insight or guidance, and the risk of unintended greenwashing. 0000002399 00000 n Stakeholder engagement is an ongoing process that builds relationships between parties, fostering %PDF-1.6 %���� 0000010267 00000 n 0000132597 00000 n 3565 0 obj <> endobj 3581 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<35A410A5331E44219955F33EC763BD52><3DA519A7B0454F7C94079C90D9A58B4A>]/Index[3565 40]/Info 3564 0 R/Length 87/Prev 152814/Root 3566 0 R/Size 3605/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream It should be managed through the same planning and formal processes as other fundamental activities, such as risk and environmental management. Stakeholder engagement refers to a process of sharing information and knowledge, seeking to understand the concerns of others and building relationships based on trust and collaboration. 0000101585 00000 n Stakeholder Engagement Reporting stakeholder engagement practices and on the public affairs function to ensure open, transparent and business practices. It is essential for the successful implementation of the ESIA and the Project itself. 10 key principles of stakeholder engagement. A.3 Stakeholder involvement in the plan preparation process Table A1 identifies the information required and lists the questions that must be answered to prepare the detail of a stakeholder engagement strategy. h�bbd``b`� �w��s�0��0�'Ab� � $� responsibility for stakeholder engagement is not properly defined or resourced, or low levels of trust reduce the space for constructive dialogue. Internal Reporting: The Telenet CEO and Senior Management report on an annual basis to the Audit Committee on … Stakeholder engagement in education is a well-understood concept among education leaders across North America. 1, pp.46–60. the stakeholder engagement process meaningful, stakeholders’ concerns and recommendations should be considered in project decision-making related to design and implementation. 0000011410 00000 n DELIVERABLE A1.1: STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY AND COMMUNICATION PLAN 3. If this happens, it can distract from obtaining relevant input. On the basis of this mapping key stakeholders were selected for interviews and others invited to participate in the Stakeholder engagement workshops. 0000131348 00000 n 0000102727 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000008792 00000 n 0000011186 00000 n The Stakeholder Engagement Process 1. Multimedia technology can offer a potential solution to stakeholder engagement in the risk management process. �,�' !��ر� ���a���d�*:H+00v�iu���@���uH܋�)����@� ��d} endstream endobj 3566 0 obj <>/Metadata 72 0 R/Names 3583 0 R/PageLayout/TwoColumnRight/Pages 3558 0 R/StructTreeRoot 97 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 3567 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 83/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 3568 0 obj <>stream 0000002008 00000 n 11 What is a stakeholder? What do we mean by engagement? Ī7���= ��$�"��X��+b`b���B����5@� �? 0000008958 00000 n Stakeholder Engagement is defined as “… the process used by an organisation to engage relevant stakeholders for a purpose to achieve accepted outcomes.”1 Stakeholder Engagement Process Companies need to remain relevant to survive in a challenging business environment and to be relevant requires regular interaction with important stakeholder Stakeholder engagement (continued) Trade Unions Engagement methods Engagement occurs primarily through regular meetings, correspondence and trade union representation on various internal committees. Quality of relationship We have recognition agreements and well-established relationships with 10 different unions across our operations. Investment opportunities Ranked industry leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America. 0000068540 00000 n Preparation: Focus on long-term goals to drive the approach, determine logistics for the engagement, and set the rules. 0000131400 00000 n h�b```��,K@��Y8���� 8.2.4 Stakeholder engagement Engagement with key stakeholders has been a key component of communication and engagement activities and has been ongoing during all three phases. Stakeholder Mapping: Define criteria for identitfying and prioritizing stakeholders, and select engagement mechanisms. 0000132862 00000 n 0000008838 00000 n J. This note does not propose a “one size fits all” to consultation and stakeholder engagement. From a risk management perspective, the The change reflects broader changes in the business and 0000105437 00000 n ��SՀ+���1�J���@ ֨� ����ŰKl!�� � PĒ�p���a7CS �վK��n{R ��N2�8�r���������������D�}`�d��gW�1�Y��"|���Z&K�[�U�3z1̗��p���`+�-��jN7�C@s�&1lfx�a ��Yv1��b]Y����.Z��e`�� Map the stakeholders involvement (commitment vs. Innovation and Sustainable Development , Vol. �~��������{�=��~��,0���,0���,0���,0���,0���,0���,0���,0+�\��J�¯�+�J�¯�+�J�¯�+�J�¯4+�J�¬4+�J�©�)lF��c�. This document sets out the SEA approach to stakeholder engagement. However, some engagement activities can guide the focus of your stakeholder group selection, such as community engagement, which might focus primarily on local actors rather than international organizations. Because of these constraints, inputs need to be comprehensive, strategic, and tailored to the phases of exploration and early project development. x]��j� ��>���E�[!e�B�C�>��IVhT&搷�h�z�����9��?��g���&�7�#�>���m>nճ�IB2S�� �5��'G|(�9$f8}]��[J߸`Ƞ���p�q/&��AV��;���������'b���d��5�dŒ�SJw׫ܿ����]�hnV���XZ�bT%��2�����nD�.�&.I|���RL��z~ ��qe endstream endobj 146 0 obj <> endobj 147 0 obj <>stream This report provides an overview of stakeholder engagement in Transnet. 0000131446 00000 n 0000098356 00000 n Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management are arguably the most important ingredients for successful project delivery, and yet are often regarded as a fringe activity or one that can be outsourced to business-as-usual functions. H�\�ߎ�0�{���3��s:$��QI��?Yg@��$+d.|���gf�%�~�~m����f׵���zGwj�f����PGw����k�z|����r�g����C۝�����������/���-����t�o����]>M{�5�z;�_Ҝ���>�b�ω��M���:����,K��ұ�b��w�TN;��?�! 0000098411 00000 n Stakeholder Engagement for Development Impact Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis Sandy Oliver1,2, Chris Roche3, Ruth Stewart2, Mukdarut Bangpan1, Kelly Dickson1, Kirrily Pells4, Nancy Cartwright5, James Hargreaves6, David Gough1 September 2018 1EPPI-Centre, UCL Department of Social Science 2Africa Centre for Evidence, University of Johannesburg 3La Trobe University, Melbourne 0000128142 00000 n endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 3604 0 obj <>stream [̷i�lf���2���~���l�&eadeVdc6�W�W�y�����+6�dZR�2�����3ϑ��3{d:=��N�����s@����i�0�� Figure 1 distinguishes between crisis management, stakeholder engagement and stakeholder … 0000010510 00000 n 2 International Finance Corporation, Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Identify the stakeholders’ interests, expectations, and requirements 4. Stakeholder engagement is the process used by an organization to engage relevant stakeholders for a clear purpose to achieve agreed outcomes. Systematic, quality engagement is needed to respond to the fundamental objectives of the 2030 Agenda – that no one should be left behind and that an integrated approach to delivery be followed. 0000134773 00000 n �` Y�/4 endstream endobj 143 0 obj <> endobj 144 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 145 0 obj <>stream The engagement plan should be clear on what issues are relevant and how to manage and The SEA and its program of stakeholder involvement has the potential to make an important contribution in that balanced and inclusive planning process. Prioritize the stakeholders in terms of primary, secondary and other (influence vs. importance) on the Power Grid 3. 0000012202 00000 n 0000049051 00000 n stakeholder engagement—a prerequisite to developing an effective strategy. 0000125435 00000 n 0000002925 00000 n Firstly, the report provides an update on the stakeholder universe and an analysis for the reporting period. In terms of internal communication, we looked at the challenges posed by a growing Dialogue: An exchange of views and opinions to explore different perspectives, needs The engagement of various stakeholders is essential in order to cater for the implementation of sustainable development. 142 0 obj <> endobj xref 142 42 0000000016 00000 n Stakeholder mapping As part of the ASSAR project Stakeholder mapping was undertaken. 0000094482 00000 n h�b```b``����� p�A��b�,S�1,j����y�K�? /�b4��� It is provided in a format that could be used in recording the stakeholder engagement … Stakeholder Mapping The stakeholder mapping process aims to identify which stakeholders need to be engaged, in order to achieve the highest impact for the project. It also helps identify internal champions and owners of future engagement activities. Stakeholder engagement is a … 0000132914 00000 n importance of stakeholder engagement in managing corporate reputations’, Int. for stakeholder engagement Manage expectations from the beginning - be clear about the levels of engagement, the role of participants at different stages of the process and how their input will be used Design the stakeholder engagement process with a clear view of the timescales Use the VNR as a foundation for long term stakeholder engagement, which range from the complexity of s ome of our subject matter areas, the diverse nature of our stakeholder groups, changes to the modern media landscape, and extenuating environmental factors, such as political and legislative changes.

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